About the Affordable Housing Committee

The Affordable Housing Committee was started as a result of the suggestion of the 2017-2018 Master Plan.

The Ayer Affordable Housing Committee works toward guiding the process of creating more affordable housing opportunities in the community

Ayer values its unique combination of diversity, historic character, and quality of life. However, these assets may be impacted by changes that are coming on the horizon. Situated on the edge of the Metro-Boston region, Ayer’s housing market presents challenges in terms of supporting continued diversity in its housing supply that accommodates various types of households. In addition, Ayer housing is increasingly becoming less affordable.

At the same time, much of Ayer’s less expensive housing stock is aged and in varied states of disrepair. Preserving housing opportunities and socioeconomic diversity in Ayer through new development and the improvement of existing neighborhoods is consistent with protecting the town’s distinctive character and values.

Ayer is in the midst of a transformation. The westward push of people from Metro-Boston seeking reasonably priced housing and a small-town quality of life is stimulating a new surge of housing development and a shift in population characteristics. Ayer’s access to the MBTA commuter rail and proximity to Routes 2, I-495 and I-290 make Ayer desirable for workers commuting to employment anywhere throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts. More recent housing development in Ayer has primarily been focused in outlying areas outside of downtown, typically producing single-family homes on larger lots. However, as developable land becomes increasingly more scarce; modest single-family housing that supports aging in place and townhouse development is becoming more favored by local developers.

The Goals for the Housing Plan from the Master Plan are to:

  • Continue developing local capacity to plan, develop and manage housing units that meet local needs.
  •  Increase variety of housing opportunities for Ayer residents.
  • Encourage housing development that is sustainable, affordable, and serves all members of the population.
  • Work to preserve the affordability and diversity of Ayer’s existing housing stock

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Housing Production Plan