Current Projects, Efforts & Programs (5/2019):

The Downtown Ayer/Park Street Form-Based Code Public Informational Forum:
Thursday Night, May 16th, 6:00PM-7:30PM

2nd Fl. Great Hall at Ayer Town Hall

  • Prospect St. & Oak St. CDBG Infrastructure Improvement Project: (Construction begins early June 2019
  • Downtown/Park Street Form-Based Code Production & Delivery: (Special Town Meeting, June 10, 2019)
  • Ayer Affordable Housing Commitee: (The Committee has been formed & actively meeting)
  • New Ayer IDFA "Commercial Building Facade & Signage" Loan Program: (Release scheduled for mid-June 2019)
  • Historic Rennovation of the (1934) Ayer Central Fire Station Building: (Local Community Preservation Act Funding request $190,000 for provision of six (6) new deed-restricted affordable hosuing units & the historic restoration of the original facade at Town Meeting, May 13, 2019)

Departmental Mission - Ayer Office of Economic & Community Development: To professionally serve, engage, assist and encourage Ayer’s entire community to envision, invest and build a vibrant, healthy, sustainable, enterprising and prosperous Town and Region.

Partners in Ayer's Quality Development

Core Values - Ayer Office of Economic & Community Development: Ethical public service, traditional localism, strength in community, fundamental fairness, regional collaboration, mutual respect, broad-based opportunity, energetic enterprise and bold innovation inform all of our policies and practices, both within our office environment and when engaging with the Ayer’s residential, commercial and industrial community. We strive to incorporate these ideals into the work we do with one another, our partners, and the people we respectfully serve.

Ayer Birdseye

Ayer is Ready to Partner in the “Economics of Place”: Fred Kent, Founder & President of the Project for Public Spaces, provides the most down-to-earth and understandable definition of (Place-Making Economics) as follows; “Turning a place from one that you can’t wait to get through, into one that you never want to leave.” The next chapter in the economic & community development story of Ayer will be investment/reinvestment and development/redevelopment designed and built to deliver authenticity and quality of “Place” for people, customers, employees, clients, visitors, and most importantly the residents of Ayer to enjoy, embrace, preserve and protect. The Town of Ayer Office of Economic & Community Development consistently and actively seeks investors and partners to bring the Economics of Place to the Historic Downtown Ayer District; to the Downtown Ayer Commuter Rail Station & Depot Square District; to the Park Street Corridor; to the West Main Street Corridor; to the East Main Street Corridor; to the Rotary (Carlton Circle) District; to the Ayer Industrial Park District on Westford Rd.; to the Fitchburg Rd. Corridor; to the Hill District Historic Neighborhood; to the Grove Pond Historic Neighborhood; to the Central Avenue Corridor; to the Sandy Pond District Neighborhood; and beyond.

Place Economics    

11 Principles of Place Making:

About Economic Development in Ayer: Municipal Economic Development is all about clear, predictable, stable and fair local development regulations & permitting; it's all about highly knowledgeable, skilled and responsive municipal partners; it's all about well-designed, well-constructed and well-maintained local & regional transportation infrastructure and connectivity; it's all about high-performing local public & private educational districts & institutions, it's all about access to financial capital & outstanding residential & commercial lending institutions and programs; it's all about the local & regional cost of doing business; it's all about creating a local environment that fosters constant spontaneous encounter, knowledge exchange, innovative opportunities, shared curiosity, and creative networks; the bottom line is it's all about the attraction, retention and growth of high concentrations of talented people in a local community that is devoted to quality of design, place, enterprise and life.

About Community Development in Ayer: Community Development is all about the strength, cohesion, health and quality of life in the Neighborhoods of Ayer; it's all about the place you call your home & the street you live on; it's all about your neighbors, your children's school, your local social network, your neighborhood park & play fields, and your sense of community character & identity. Ayer's Community Development Program works directly with the residents, neighbors, builders, local organizations, local businesses, places of worship, and many more as we administer the US Dept. of HUD CDBG Program (Community Development Block Grant). The Community Development Program also administers the Ayer Housing Rehabilitation Program which has funded countless private residential property improvements through many years. In addition, the Community Development Program administers in partnership with The Advocates, the Ayer Court Diversion Program, which directly and actively supports the health, resiliency and life-building skills for many of Ayer's young population.