Quality of Life

Ayer possess a unique and appealing local character and civic quality. People visiting Ayer consistently remark that it’s a special small traditional town which also delightfully offers many of the best qualities of a “micro-city”; and in turn, many proclaim Ayer a sort of “micro-city” that authentically lives as a comfortable small town. This wonderful combination of a traditional small town that is welcoming of “micro-city” energy, architecture, innovation and civic attitude makes Ayer’s quality of life a model of 21st century sustainable lifestyle in New England.

Since its creation in 1848 as one of America’s first great passenger and freight railroad hubs, recognized as the “Grand Junction” at South Groton, its chartering as the Town of Ayer, MA in 1871, and as the destination place for hundreds of thousands of young military men and women between 1917-1996 at Fort Devens, the Town of Ayer’s civic and economic heritage is built upon openness, accommodation, opportunity, inclusion, curiosity, discovery, innovation, exploration, connection, enterprise, exchange and progressive energy.     

Within a 30-mile radius the Town of Ayer provides convenient and safe access to an impressive selection of world-class institutions of learning & higher education, healthcare, libraries, museums, concert & performance venues, restaurants, noteworthy architecture, brew pubs, galleries, historic destination places, convention facilities, country clubs, golf courses, heritage landmarks, national & state parks, ski areas, sports arena, working farmlands, fruit orchards, mountain hiking, river kayaking & canoeing, traditional New England town centers, distinctive Downtown districts, serene ponds & waterways…and the list goes on!

An impressive variety of housing & neighborhood types; ranging from traditional compact downtown lifestyles to more conventional suburban lifestyles, and everything in between, is situated within a comfortable, connective and accessible 9.8 square miles of variated New England land and natural water bodies.

An 18-hour lifestyle economy…(more to come).