Community Preservation Act (CPA)


The Community Preservation Act (CPA), as enabled through Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44B, was adopted by Ayer voters in April 2001.  The Ayer CPA currently receives funds through a local property tax surcharge of 1% and a variable state match of the local receipts.  In the first two years of the program, Ayer’s local property tax surcharge was 3% - it was reduced to 1% by ballot vote in Fiscal Year 2003. Ayer adopted the CPA surcharge with exemptions for low income households and low/moderate senior households.  Since adoption, the Ayer CPA has raised over $2M and has funded over $1M in projects.   

The law requires CPA to limit funding to four general types of projects:  community housing, historic preservation, open space, and recreation, with 10% minimum funding requirements for each of the first three categories.

In order to appropriate CPA funds, Town meeting must act on a recommendation of the Community Preservation Committee, currently a seven-member committee with representatives appointed by various boards and commissions.

Guidelines and Online Resources

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