Wetlands Protection Maps

December 2015

These maps depict parcels in Ayer with land protected by the Commonwealth's Wetland Protection Act, administered locally by the Conservation Commission. Depicted protected areas are vernal pools, rivers, wetlands, and their respective buffers. Parcels with blue vertical lines have river protection areas, parcels with green horizontal lines have wetland protection areas, and crosshatching indicates the presence of both on a parcel. All information displayed  was generated based on the best available data, and may not accurately represent the extent of the Commission's jurisdiction.

8.5 x 11 Map          36 x 48 Map

If you suspect your property may have lands protected by the WPA, check your address here.

Contact the Conservation Administrator at 978-772-8249 for inquiries regarding the Wetland Protection Act.

For more information about wetlands & watersheds, see the Massachusetts DEP Water Resources Page.