Ayer Commuter Rail Station & Commuter Parking

Ayer's Multi-Modal Transportation Lifestyle
Ayer's Multi-Modal Transportation Lifestyle
Ayer Commuter Rail Station & Commuter Parking

Current Downtown Ayer Commuter Parking Map

Ayer Commuter Rail Station Parking & Wayfinding

As early as 1849, South Groton (today's Ayer, MA), was ethusiastically proclaimed as "The Great Junction" and therefore since 1848 there has been a Passenger Rail Station at Depot Square. The grand 1848 Union Rail Station was demolished in 1895, to accomodate the beautiful "twin" Passenger Rail Station Buildings erected in 1896, complete with pleasingly landscaped station grounds and a Depot Square Fountain; they served proudly until their unfortunate demolition in 1967. Therefore for some 50-years the Commuter Rail Passenger experience at the point of departure and/or arrival at the Downtown Ayer Station has lost much of its once exceptionally accomodating qualities and comforts. However, a renaissance of the glory-days of passenger rail of the past at Ayer's Depot Square is "just around the bend" for our valued Downtown Ayer Passenger Rail Commuters.

1846 Ayer Rail Station  

1896 Twin Ayer Rail Stations

The current Downtown Ayer Commuter Rail Surface Parking Lot is located at the Ayer Rail Trail Parking Lot. The Commuter Rail Parking Lot vehicular entrance is accessed from Park Street via Groton Street.

Red Circle - Ayer Commuter Rail Surface Parking Lot (Ayer Rail Trail Parking Lot) ; Green Circle - Park St. Satellite Surface Parking Lot; Yellow Circle - Downtown Ayer Commuter Rail Passenger Station.

Location of Ayer Commuter Rail Parking Lot

The Surface Lot accomodates 90 vehicles; currently there is no cost for daily commuter rail passenger parking.

Pedestrian Connectivity (to and from) the surface Lot to the Ayer Commuter Rail Station via the paved Ayer Rail Trail Pathway connecting to Main Street and across the street to the Station area.

Pedestrian Connectivity to Commuter Rail Parking Lot

In addition, the Town of Ayer provides additional and currently free commuter rail parking at the small surface parking lot (triangular in shape) just south of and next to the Dunkin Donuts on Park Street.

Each of these Commuter Rail Passenger Parking Lots fill-up very early in the morning during the work-week; often by 6:00AM-6:30AM.A great new service is the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority "Devens Regional Shuttle" which is stationed at the Downtown Ayer Commuter Rail Station. The Shuttle connects our Downtown Ayer Rail Riders with "last mile" connectivity to stops at Devens, Nashoba Valley Medical Center, Shirley, Fitchburg and more. For info on rates, routes & schedules please click here. Devens Regional Shuttle Service

All Aboard at Ayer

Massachusetts MBTA Fitchburg Line Passenger Rail Train Schedule:

MBTA Fitchburg Line Schedule

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