Ayer & Regional Planning

Regional Planning & Development for Sustainable Growth
Regional Planning & Development for Sustainable Growth

Regional Rail Lines & Ayer Junction
(5/24/2019) Ayer Junction & Regional Frieght Rail Lines

Environmental Justice Region & Ayer
(5/24/2019) Ayer as a Regional Environmental Justice Community (Source - MRPC)

Data Town Resources
For awesome Regional Planning Data - You Gotta Check-Out "Data Town" by Massachusetts Housing Partnership. (5/2019)  

is a heritage that runs deep in New England, Massachusetts and in the Town of Ayer. Our historic towns and cities take great pride in their closely-knit local networks, connections, traditions, customs, values, neighborhoods, Downtown "Main Street" Districts, and time-tested ways of "doing business".

Regional Planning Delivers Local Quality: It is a fact that genuine community stability, sustainability, and strength results from authentic and dynamic localism; however, New England of the 21st century will sustain and grow it's quality of life & lifestyle, quality of health, quality of education & lifelong-learning, quality of transportation & mobility, quality of new development, quality of innovation & start-up enterprise, quality of preservation/restoration of historic and natural resources, quality of investment, and quality of future prosperity & wealth-creation through unified, corodinated, and enlightened Regional Planning & Development.

Ayer Power of Regional Proximity: The Town of Ayer is blessed in it's regional position and place. Located at the nexus of several natural valleys, waterways, inter & intra-state transportation networks, talent-pools, commuter-sheds, concentrations of innovative indutry & enterprise, public & private educational institution districts, national historic destinations, world-class healthcare institutions, international & regional airports, energy & power transmission networks, communication systems & networks, and the regional resources & assests in immedaite proximity go on and on!

Ayer's Regional Planning Partners: The Montachusett Regional Planning Commission/Montachusett Area Transit Authority are the primary Regional Planning & Development partners with the Ayer Office of Community & Economic Development and the Town of Ayer. Also, there may be project-based & program-based initiatives that would provide opportunities to partner with the Metropolitan ARea Planning Commission (Based in Boston), The North Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (based in Worcester), the Northen Middlesex Council of Governments (based in Lowell), and the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC).

MRPC Region Communities Map

The Town of Ayer although only a modest 9.8 square miles in size, is a strong "regional player in the game" of Community & Economic Development in Massachusetts and New England.