About the Committee

Summary Charge  (continued)

The Committee will interact with Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to learn of grant opportunities for energy conservation and renewable energy generation, and will apply for appropriate grants.  The Committee will ensure the Town retains its Statue as a designated Green Community.

Committee Appointees

The Energy Committee would consist of seven (7) voting members including:

One (1) current or former Selectman; (McCreary)
One (1) staff member familiar with grants and economic development; (Maher)
One (1) town manager; (Pontbriand)
One (1) member of the planning board; (Callahan)
One (1) citizen; (Wilson)
One (1) citizen; (Staples)
One (1) citizen; (Salter)

Term of Appointment

Appointments to this Committee would be for a three-year term.

Responsibilites / Core Mission

Responsibilities of the Green Community Committee include these listed below as well as any other related tasks that might later be added by the Board of Selectman:

1.  Serve as a resource of the Selectmen, Town department heads, and Energy Committee on energy related issues.
2.  Work with the Energy Committee on solar projects.
3.  Identify and develop grant opportunities that meet the mission of this committee and are consistent with Selectmen’s goals.
4.  Develop action steps to insure Ayer remains designated as a Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Green Community.
5.  Facilitate Town participation in DOER programs, grants and incentives.
6.  Promote energy efficiency and conservation in the Ayer commercial and residential sectors.
7.  Assist and work with the Town’s Webmaster in developing a page on Town’s web site with information on the Committee’s activities and related information.

Meetings & Reporting

The Committee will meet as needed, but it is the expectation of the Selectmen that the committee would meet at least monthly.  The Committee is subject to the Open Meeting Law and is required to post meetings with the Town Clerk and maintain meeting minutes.  

Working Team

The Board of Selectmen expect that there would be close and frequent communication by and between the Green Community Committee, the Board of Selectmen, staff, volunteers and citizens in order to ensure to the extent possible, all interested stakeholders are engaged in the process and input is received.


Yearly grant funding to reduce energy consumption and develop alternative energy sources throughout Ayer.

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen:  July 19, 2011