September 5, 2019

I am writing to clarify some erroneous information that the Town Clerk and I were initially provided by the Secretary of State’s Election Division regarding the potential Special Election for BOS.

The Secretary of State’s Election Division originally advised the Town on August 13, 2019 when Selectman Hillman resigned, that the winner in a Special Election would serve until the next Annual Election and would still have to run in the Annual Election for the remaining two years of the vacated term.

We have since learned this afternoon that is NOT correct.  We have expressed our frustration to the Secretary of State’s Office/Elections Division regarding the importance of providing accurate information to the Public.

In the event that a Special Election were held to fill the Selectman Seat vacated by Selectman Hillman, the winner of that Special Election would serve out the full balance of the vacated term and serve until the Annual Election in 2022.  The winner would NOT have to run again in the Annual Election in April of 2020.

Furthermore, it has come to our attention that there is “chatter” on the various social media regarding this issue.  Therefore, I will be having a Public Clarification Statement posted on the Town’s various social media so that everyone has the correct information.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact my Office and/or the Town Clerk’s Office.

Thank you.


Robert A. Pontbriand
Ayer Town Manager