Revised Ayer Downtown Parking Plan


In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of life for all residents, the Town of Ayer is instituting a revised Parking Plan following the recent opening of the new Downtown Ayer MART Parking Facility.  Resident Only* On-Street parking restrictions, which are already part of some streets, are going to be extended to the following:

  • Pearl Street from Groton Street to Taft Street
  • Lawton Street in its entirety
  • Pleasant Street from Cambridge Street to Taft Street
  • East Main Street from Linden Court to its end
  • Tannery Street in its entirety
  • Forest Street in its entirety
  • Church Street in its entirety

Additionally, the area in front of 20 Central Avenue will become 2-hour parking and a Town of Ayer Employee Parking zone has been implemented on the East Side of Newton Street (directly behind Town Hall).  These parking restrictions will be enforced only during peak times, Monday – Friday from 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM. 

The Municipal Parking Lot on Park Street will remain free of charge (until further notice) and is designated for Town of Ayer residents* only.

There are three (3) handicap parking spaces available in Depot Square at the MBTA Rail Station until construction begins in Spring 2020.  There are also handicap spaces available at the Downtown Ayer MART Parking Facility. 

Town officials will continue to monitor, review, and update this Parking Plan as necessary.

*Any Ayer Resident with a current Transfer Station Sticker, available at the DPW OR a current Sandy Pond Beach Sticker, available at Town Hall.  Car registration must be brought in to verify address. 

Revised Ayer Downtown Parking Plan