Summary of Warrant Article Votes from Town Meeting 4-26-2021

*Ayer Special Town Meeting/Annual Town Meeting Warrant Article Summary from April 26, 2021

The following is a summary of the Warrant Articles as voted by the Special Town Meeting and Annual Town Meeting held on Monday, April 26, 2021 at 7pm in the auditorium of the Ayer Shirley Regional High School.

Special Town Meeting:

Article 1:  Ambulance Enterprise Fund:  PASSED

Annual Town Meeting:

Article 1: Salaries of Elected Officials:  PASSED

Article 2:  Contract Funding:  Ayer Police Patrol Association – Patrol Division  PASSED

Article 3:  Contract Funding:  Ayer Police Patrol Association – Communications Division:  PASSED

Article 4:  FY 2022 Omnibus Budget  PASSED

Article 5:  FY 2022 ASRSD School Assessment:  PASSED

Article 6:  FY 2022 NVTHS School Assessment:  PASSED

Article 7:  Solid Waste Enterprise Fund:  PASSED

Article 8:  Ambulance Enterprise Fund:  PASSED

Article 9:  Sewer Enterprise Fund:  PASSED

Article 10:  Water Enterprise Fund:  PASSED

Article 11:  Capital Budget Requests (Borrow Article):  PASSED

Article 12:  Capital Budget Requests (Transfer Article):  PASSED

Article 13:  Transfer of Receipts Reserved for Borrow – Police Station HVAC Replacement:  PASSED

Article 14:  UDAG Replenishments:  PASSED

Article 15:  GASB-45/OPEB (Post-Employment Benefits) Fund:  PASSED

Article 16:  First Year’s Interest General Fund Borrowing:  PASSED

Article 17:  Funding for Aquatic Weed Control for Town Ponds:  PASSED

Article 18:  Funding for Conservation Fund:  PASSED

Article 19:  Matching Funding for Firefighters Grant:  PASSED

Article 20:  Matching Funding for Green Communities Grant for LED Lighting Upgrades:  PASSED

Article 21:  Funding of Reserve Fund for Accrued Liabilities for Compensated Absences:  PASSED

Article 22:  Forward Funding of the Town’s Pension Assessment:  PASSED

Article 23:  Stabilization Fund:  PASSED

Article 24:  Community Preservation Act:  PASSED

Article 25:  Community Preservation Fund FY 2022 Transfer of Funds:  PASSED

Article 26:  TIF (Tax Increment Finance Agreement) – Catania-Spagna Corporation:  PASSED

Article 27:  Transfer of the Woodlawn Cemetery to the Town of Ayer:  PASSED

Article 28:  Affordable Housing Trust Bylaw:  PASSED

Article 29:  Jonathan Drive Cross-Country Water Main Easement:  PASSED

Article 30:  NPDES Phase II Stormwater Bylaw Amendment:  PASSED

Article 31:  Illicit Discharge to Municipal Storm Drain System Bylaw Amendment:  PASSED

Article 32:  Street Acceptance:  Pleasant Street Extension (Portion) and Trevor Trail:  PASSED

Petition Article:   Amendment of the Agreement Between the Towns of Ayer and Shirley With Respect to the Formation of a Regional School District:  NO MOTION MADE/NO ACTION TAKEN

*This summary of the Warrant Articles is for public informational purposes only and does not constitute the official record/meeting minutes of the Special Town Meeting and Annual Town Meeting.