YO! (Ayer Youth Outdoors Program)

What is YO?

YO! is a new program organized through the Ayer Parks Department designed to create outdoor recreation opportunities for kids and families in the Town of Ayer. Coordinators will be planning various outdoor events that members can sign up for. Like all programs run through the Parks Department, it is volunteer based and self-funded.  

What kind of events will YO! be hosting?

Most outings will be hikes or campouts and will vary in length and duration, depending on the group. For example, there may be a local hike in the conservation land in town designed for young families, or an overnight excursion to the White Mountains that is best suited for teens and seasoned hikers. We hope to offer a wide enough variety of activities that there is something for everyone who want to get outside and enjoy nature!

How do I sign up for YO?  What does it cost?

There are forms available outside the Parks Department office or online here on the Parks Department Page. Anyone who will be participating in a YO! event must have a form filled out for liability reasons. You will also want to join the YO! Meetup group, which can be found online here. Once you are signed up, you will start receiving notices for events as they come up. Membership to YO! is free, but some events may have a cost, which the coordinator of the event will include when sending out the description. This may include things like campground fees, food/transportation costs, etc.  

How do I sign up for an event?

Events are open to anyone who is an active member of Ayer Youth Outdoors. These will be advertised on the YO! Meetup page. Once an event is planned and advertised, all members will be contacted via email (if that is their preference) to let them know about it. Most events will be limited to a certain number of participants, so the first to respond will reserve a spot and those who sign up after that will be placed on a waiting list. Depending on the event, we may try to expand the group limit if there is a waiting list.

Can anyone plan and advertise a YO! event?

To plan and lead an event, you must be a YO! Coordinator, which we are always looking for! To become a Coordinator, contact Jeff Thomas at the Ayer Parks Department for details. Once you get set up you can suggest an outing, and once it is approved, it will be advertised to YO! members. Even if you don’t want to coordinate or lead an outing, we appreciate any ideas for trips or activities you may have.