Cultural Council

Grant Applications Due October 16  

October 16th is the deadline for organizations, schools and individuals to apply for grants that support cultural activities in the community. Priority will be given to community wide events such as concerts & festivals; programs that serve families, youth, seniors and low-income population segments; local artists and cultural organizations; arts education in the schools & youth arts programs outside of school; and programs that support nature and science. To apply online and view the ACC guidelines, go to


The Ayer Cultural Council's mission is to promote, nurture and maintain the vitality of the cultural resources within the Ayer community. With the annual grant from the State, our role is to distribute the funding appropriately to support various activities that would enhance cultural awareness in the Ayer community. The wide range of supported activities includes: a broad variety of art forms, ongoing work of individual artists and writers, collaborative projects on literature, and historical as well as environmental education.