Building Department


The Building Department conducts supervisory and inspection work related to the enforcement and interpretation of the state building code, the local zoning bylaw and other applicable regulations.


The Building Department Office is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8am – 11am, Tuesday 8am – 11am, and 3pm – 6pm

The Building Department Administrator is available 40 hours a week; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am – 4pm, Tuesday 8am – 7pm, and Friday 8am – 1pm

Plumbing and Gas inspections Monday throughThursday. Call (978) 772-7354 Monday through Friday 7am to 9am to schedule inspections.

Electrical Inspections will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Charles R. Shultz Jr. Building Commissioner (978) 772-8214
Charles R. Shultz Jr. Zoning Enforcement Officer (978) 772-8214
Heather Hampson Administrative Coordinator (978) 772-8214
Alan Parker Wiring / Electrical Inspector (978) 877-6323
Robert Friedrich Plumbing & Gas Inspector (978) 772-7354
Eric Aaltonen Sealer of Weights and Measures (978) 597-8855
Ronald Bernier Alt. Building Inspector
James Bakum Asst. Plumbing / Gas Inspector (508) 831-8372
Phil Horgan Asst. Wiring / Electrical Inspector