Treasurer/Tax Collector

Mission Statement:

The Treasurer/Tax Collector’s office will serve residents in a timely, efficient and pleasant manner, while upholding the Laws and statutes that govern us.  We strive to provide quality services and work cooperatively with all departments. 

The Treasurer/Tax Collectors’ office is responsible for:

  • Billing and Collection of Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle Taxes. 
  • Collection of Checks returned for reasons as insufficient funds
  • Municipal Lien Certificate Requests
  • Tax Title liens and Collections through to the foreclosure process
  • Receiving and maintaining Custody of all Town of Ayer funds
  • Investing the Town of Ayer funds, insuring their safety, liquidity and yield
  • Borrowing and Debt Service


Please Email us at TAX@AYER.MA.US with your tax questions or order an MLC

This office does not provide verbal tax information over the phone to anyone other than the property owner of record.  We do of course follow the Massachusetts Public Record Request Law. For More information please CLICK HERE

Online Payments Accepted For:

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Personal Property Taxes
  • Motor Vehicle Taxes
  • Municipal Lien Certificate

More Information

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Barbara Tierney Finance Manager - Treasurer/Tax Collector (978) 772-8220 ext. 152
Natalie Goodwin Assistant Tax Collector (978) 772-8220 ext. 152
Michelle Bishara Finance Assistance (978) 772-8220 ext. 152