Sewer Collection System Smoke Testing

September 25th through September 29th

The Ayer DPW will be smoke testing specific areas of the sewer collection system as part of its Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) program. Residents and businesses within the testing areas will receive notification prior to testing in their area. The testing is planned to start on Monday September 25th and is expected to be completed by Friday September 29th (weather permitting).

The procedure involves introducing non-toxic white smoke into a manhole in the street and observing for possible stormwater connections such as catch basins, area drains, roof drains, broken sewer pipe and deteriorated pipe joints. The smoke normally exits the system through plumbing vent pipes located on or near a roof surface and may also exit holes manholes in the street. Smoke should not enter a premises unless there is a dry trap in a basement floor drain, unused plumbing fixtures, or defective plumbing.

Your cooperation is appreciated during this important project. If you have any questions please call the DPW office at 978-772-8240