Street Sweeping

Schedule for 2016

The Ayer DPW is beginning our Spring Clean-up. We have gotten the street sweeper out of storage, put new brooms on and are ready to go. Our schedule for sweeping is as follows:

Main Roads

(Duration: 3 days+/-)

Main Street

Central Avenue

East Main Street

Sandy Pond Road

West Main Street

Westford Road

Washington Street

Willow Road

Groton School Road

Harvard Road

Groton Harvard Road

Park Street

West Main Street
(Duration: 1 day+/-)

Shirley Street

Sculley Road

Union Street

Mechanic Street

Rogers Street

Mill Street

Old West Main



Groton School Road

(Duration: 3 days+/-)

Isaac’s Lane

Vermark  Lane

Shadow Lane

Brook Street

John Riley Road

Mechanic Street ( ext )

Gardner Lane

Angard Lane

Pheasant  Run

Amandry Way

Rose Wood Avenue

Douglas Dr

Mark Street 

Groton Shirley Road

Doug Road

James Brook Road

Victor Drive

Bishop Road

Jonathan Drive

Oakhurst Avenue

Vernon Street



East End

(Duration: 3 days+/-)

East Street

Third Street

Fletcher Street

Grove Street

Bligh Street

Linden Court

Tannery Street

Whitcomb Avenue

Pond Street

Page Street

Fourth Street

Pine Street

Church Street

Prospect Street

Forest Street

Shelley Lane

Maple Street

Marshall Street

Elm Street




Devens Crest

(Duration: 1 days+/-)

Willard Street

Myrick Street

Willard Court

Markham Circle

Hatch Street

Copeland Dr

Grosvenor Street

Barnum Road

Atherton Street




Bennett’s Brook / Pingry Hill

(Duration: 2 day+/-)

Bennett’s Crossing Road

Robbins Road

Pingry Way

Shaker Road

Hickory Way

Deer Run

Partridge Run

Old Farm Way

Haymeadow Lane

Quail Run

Fox Run Drive



Central Avenue & Sandy Pond Road

(Duration: 3 days+/-)

Groveland Street

Hedgeway Street

Oak Grove Street

Mountain View Avenue 

Birch Street

Oakridge Drive

McDowell Street

Pineridge Drive

Samantha Lane

Calvin Street

Easy Street

Patriot Way

Mountain Laurel Street


Snake Hill Road

Blueberry Circle

Wright Road

Eastern Drive

Pierce Avenue

Western Drive

Sedgeway Street

Old Sandy Pond Road

Ledgeway Street

Wachusett Avenue (Pond)




Willow Road & Westford Road

(Duration: 2 days+/-)

New England Way

Loon Hill Road

Nemco Way

Magnolia Drive

Mulberry Circle

Winterberry Lane

Hibiscus Lane

Radisson Road

Lilac Lane

Iris Avenue

Rose Lane





Hill Section

(Duration: 3 days+/-)



Newton Street

Pearl Street

Highland Avenue

Jackson Street

High Street

Pleasant Street

Holmes Street

Washington Court

Coolidge Road

Cambridge Street (west)

Summit Avenue

Nashua Street (west)

Lincoln Street

Taft Street

Williams Street

West Street

Winthrop  Avenue

Howard Street

Brilaina Court

Lawton Street

Adams Street

Groton Street 

Columbia Street


Cambridge Street (East)


Nashua Street (East)


Norwood Avenue


Wachusett Avenue