Permits & Forms

Building Department

If you have questions during the design development phase of your project, or while putting your application package together, you should contact the Building Department at 978-772-8214 during office hours.

The Building Department Office is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8am – 11am, Tuesday 8am – 11am, and 3pm – 6pm

The Building Department Administrator is available 40 hours a week; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am – 4pm, Tuesday 8am – 7pm, and Friday 8am – 1pm

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Building Permits

Including Additions, Barns, Detached Garages, New House, Party Tents, Renovations, Re-Roofing, Sheds, Swimming Pools, and Wood Stoves


Electrical Work


Gas Fitting Work
Plumbing Work
Sheet Metal
Subdivision Plan Form C