Permits & Forms

Building Department

If you have questions during the design development phase of your project, or while putting your application package together, you should contact the Building Department at 978-772-8214 during office hours.

The Building Department Office is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8am – 11am, Tuesday 8am – 11am, and 3pm – 6pm

The Building Department Administrator is available 40 hours a week; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am – 4pm, Tuesday 8am – 7pm, and Friday 8am – 1pm

Building Permits

Including Additions, Barns, Detached Garages, New House, Party Tents, Renovations, Re-Roofing, Sheds, Swimming Pools, and Wood Stoves


Only permits for new construction require multiple department signatures (see last page of application). 


If you have any questions regarding signatures, please call or email Heather at 978-772-8214


Electrical Work


Gas Fitting Work
Plumbing Work
Sheet Metal
Subdivision Plan Form C