Electronic Sign Board Content Request


Town of Ayer Electronic Signage Policy

Approved by the Ayer Board of Selectmen on January 15, 2019

The Town is the sole owner and administrator of electronic sign content.  The primary purpose of the Town of Ayer’s electronic signage is to provide information to the residents and businesses of Ayer regarding Public Safety, official Town matters, and Government events.  The Town reserves the right to do the following:

  1. To remove any content at the discretion of the Town Manager, the Emergency Management Director, and the IT Director.
  2. The following content is not allowed: 
    1. Political notices including candidate endorsements and policy positions.
    2. Religious notices and/or postings promoting events affiliated with religious institutions/organizations.
    3. For-profit posts and/or advertisements.
    4. Any personal information and/or announcements (i.e. birthdays and anniversaries)
  3. All announcements and requested posts must be related in some way to the Town of Ayer.
  4. ALL announcements are deemed public records under Massachusetts General Law.
  5. All requests for postings must be submitted to the Town’s IT Director and/or Town Manager using the Town’s submission form.
  6. These guidelines may be amended by the Board of Selectmen, preferably with recommendation from the IT Committee.
  7. The Town reserves the right to refuse any content at its discretion.
  8. The Town reserves the right to remove and/or replace any content in the event of a public safety notification and/or other unanticipated time-sensitive public notification taking precedence.
  9. This policy only covers permanent or permanently fixed electronic sign boards and does not include internal electronic bulletin boards, directories or any internal electronic signage.