Fee Schedule

SCHEDULE OF FEES - July 19, 2018

Vital Records (Certified Copy)


Marriage Intentions (Including Certified Copy of License)


Vital Records (Amendments)


Delayed Record of Birth


For examining records or papers relating to birth marriage or deaths upon application of any person the actual expense thereof, but not less than


Recording Pole Locations & Relocations (flat fee)


Additional Sheets


Business Certificates


Changes to Business Certificates


Street Listings


Zoning Bylaw Books


General Bylaw Books


Oil Storage Permits


Recording any other document:


Photo Copies:                $.25 per page

Notary Services:   $1.00 per page
Must provide your own witnesses
Free for Town of Ayer Residents and Veterans

Dog Licenses


In accordance with the provisions of Sec. 137 of Chapter 140 of the General Laws, a dog license is issued to the person named to keep the dog herein described for one year from the first day of January. The licensed dog is numbered and registered as required by law for which the required fee has been paid.

Late Fee Notice:

The due date for a dog license is before April 1. A $10.00 late fee is applied after March 31st  per household.

Fines increase if informal disposition is not used and court action is required. Nonpayment of fines will call for the dog to be picked up and confined by the Ayer Animal Control Officer.

“The owner or keeper of a licensed dog shall cause it to wear around its neck or body a collar or harness … to which shall be securely attached a tag ….” If a dog is permanently removed to another town, a transfer license must be secured in such town. Every dog 6 months old or over must be licensed and tagged.

  • Proof of current rabies vaccination required.
  • Service Animals require written proof from Veterinarian and are no charge.
  • Owners that are residents over the age of 70 are no charge (T.M. Approved 2016)

Dog License Fees:
Approved 2007

Male / Female (intact)$10.00
Neutered / Spayed$6.00