PFAS Drinking Water

The Ayer DPW Water Division has been addressing PFAS contaminants in the drinking water since they were first discovered in 2016. As of July 2022, the second PFAS treatment facility was completed and water entering the system is at non-detectable levels.

Please review the MassDEP Fact Sheet

For a history of how we got here, please review the documents listed below.

Grove Pond Treatment Facility & Wellfield Grove Pond Treatment Facility and Wellfield


  • Treats an average of 800,000 gallons a day
  • 3 Wells
  • PFAS Treatment with Anion Exchange (AIX)
  • In Full Operation since November 2020
Spectacle Pond Treatment Facility & Wellfield Spectacle Pond Treatment Facility and Wellfield


  • Treats an average of 1,200,000 gallons a day
  • 2 Wells
  • PFAS Treatment with Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC)
  • In Full Operation since July 2022


7/10/2023PFAS Update
4/3/2023PFAS Update
1/12/2023PFAS Update
8/31/2022PFAS Update
6/24/2022PFAS Update
5/18/2022PFAS Update
2/24/2022PFAS Update
5/26/2021PFAS Update
4/26/2021PFAS Update
2/21/2021PFAS Update
2/1/2021Fort Devens Fact Sheet-CERCLA
12/17/2020MassDEP Fact Sheet
11/9/2020PFAS Health Study Update to the Board of Health
10/6/2020PFAS Presentation to the Select Board
9/30/2020PFAS Quick Reference Guide
9/28/2020PFAS Treatment Grant Award 
9/25/2020PFAS Update
3/16/2020MassDEP Fact Sheet Updated 1-27-2020
3/16/2020Town of Ayer "Important Information for all consumers receiving Drinking Water from our system"
12/17/2019PFAS Update to the Board of Selectmen
10/24/2019MWWA PFAS Forum Presentation
10/17/2019PFAS Update
9/30/2019PFAS Update
9/22/2019Supt. Wetzel's PFAS Presentation at the NEWWA Conference
8/13/2019Former Fort Devens Environmental Cleanup site
8/13/2019Community Involvement Survey (closes August 18)
7/1/2019PFAS Update
6/18/2019PFAS Update
6/12/2019DEP Update on PFFAS and Testing Information
6/11/2019AWWA ACE 19 Presentation
6/3/2019PFAS Update
5/14/2019PFAS Point of Use Filters
5/14/2019PFA Outdoor Water Ban
5/6/2019Important Information for all consumers receiving Drinking Water from our system
5/6/2019PFAS Fact Sheet - DEP
4/23/2019DPW Supt. Mark Wetzel's presentation at PFAS Public Information Meeting
3/8/2019PFAS Clarifications
3/30/2019PFAS Public Notice
2018Annual Water Quality Report