PFAS Drinking Water

Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

The water in Ayer is SAFE to drink.  
If you have water quality complaints, contact the DPW (978-772-8240). We will investigate, flush the main in your neighborhood and track the problem areas in Town.

8/13/2019Former Fort Devens Environmental Cleanup site
8/13/2019Community Involvement Survey (closes August 18)
7/1/2019PFAS Update
6/18/2019PFAS Update
6/12/2019DEP Update on PFFAS and Testing Information
6/11/2019AWWA ACE 19 Presentation
6/3/2019PFAS Update
5/14/2019PFAS Point of Use Filters
5/14/2019PFA Outdoor Water Ban
5/6/2019Important Information for all consumers receiving Drinking Water from our system
5/6/2019PFAS Fact Sheet - DEP
4/23/2019DPW Supt. Mark Wetzel's presentation at PFAS Public Information Meeting
3/20/2019Is Ayer's Water Safe to Drink?
3/8/2019PFAS Clarifications
3/30/2019PFAS Public Notice
2018Annual Water Quality Report