Playground Remediation

The Ayer Parks Department is currently working on a project to remediate and replace Kiddie Junction Playground in Pirone Park.  This has been a project long in the making and is expected to be started in the summer of 2022.  The project is multifaceted, with the initial step to remove the existing structure and remediate the soil to MassDEP specifications.  Once that is complete, there will be several phases of installation of new playground structures and equipment.

This page will be updated as progress is made with the project.  Please feel free to contact the Ayer Parks Department with any questions or ideas regarding this very important project.

Ayer Parks Commission

Funding Requests


Winter/Spring 2022Complete planning through BETA for the remediation and rebuilding of the playground.  
Winter/Spring 2022Set up forums for public input, including an online survey and several live meetings.
March 1, 2022Launch online public survey
March 5, 2022Open Forum at Pirone Park to review status of the playground and collect ideas for a new facility.
April 7, 2022Public Forum to discuss proposed concepts for a new playground.
April 25, 2022Secure funding for the project at Town Meeting.
August 1, 2022Put the project out to bid (possibly in two components).
September 1, 2022Accept bid(s) for the project’s remediation and construction.
October 1, 2022Begin remediation.
Early Spring 2023Begin reconstruction.
Spring 2023Complete project.
Late Spring 2023Official Grand Opening
Winter 2023Complete planning through BETA for the rebuilding of the playground.
April 2023Secure funding for the project at Town Meeting.
May/June 2023Complete design work, set up purchase order for parts and surface material.
July 2023Ordered parts and materials
August 2023Put out RFP for construction work.
Fall 2023Begin construction.
Late Fall 2023
Early Spring 2024
Playground grand opening